10 Ultra Profitable Ideas For Using Private Label Rights Products

I’ve been able to talk to a lot of people who seem to have a fair amount of (PLR) Private Label Rights products that’s located on their computer hard drive and maybe 95% of them or maybe more haven’t done anything with them.

It’s my opinion that if you are able to get (PLR) Private Label Rights products to do something in a niche, then by all means you should buy them. Private Label Rights are about the only things that I’m willing to suggest you buy and this is for a very good reason.

Private Label Rights products are classed as GOLD in my opinion and that’s because of all the PROFITABLE things that you are able to do with them.

I’ve written this blog post in order to give you 10 different profitable ways for you to use Private Label Rights content so that you are able to make yourself some money.

If you want to, you can take notes,  print out this blog post or whatever you think you have to do, only TAKE ACTION on what I’m going to share with you here. It will make you money.

 Tactic #1 is Video Marketing:  All you have to do is to take all that PLR you have sitting on your computer and create a slide show video with your voice reading the article in that video. By doing several of these and then submitting them to top video directories for a bunch of backlinks to your money site.

 Tactic #2 is Blog Posts:  Any type of PLR content can make you great blog posts. All you need to do is to go through your computer hard drive and collect the PLR you have and put them into the different niches. Now all you would need to do is to take the first product and create you first blog post with it. You can redo ebooks, report and/or videos and then post them on your blog. You are also able to post PLR articles without having to rewrite them.

Once you have a niche blog going and only then do you want to continue on to another niche. In this way you are setting yourself up for multiple streams of income!

 Tactic #3 is A Paid Newsletter:  All you really need to do here is to find yourself several ebooks in a niche of your choosing and create a monthly newsletter. This way you are can either charge for access or just give it away. Your Choice.

Tactic #4 is Your Own PLR Product:  Here you can combine several PLR products and turn this into your own unique PLR product. What you’re going to need to do is make sure that you have the rights to those PLR products to that you are able to offer rights with the content you are using.

 Tactic #5 is a Video Product:  Here you can take an ebook that you have PLR Rights to and either turn that into a video series or you can outsource at Guru.com to do it for you. A couple of other outsourcing places could be eLance.com or Fivver.com.

This will then give you an instant unique product that you can sell. Using this tactic you could be in several different niches with several different products to sell.

Here again I’m talking about multiple steams of income!

Tactic #6 is Article Marketing: Here you want to rewrite PLR articles and post them on as many web 2.0 properties such as Squidoo.com, Hubpages, Weekly, Blink Web etc.. This is really a great way to get yourself lots of backlinks to your money sit.

Tactic #7 is Affiliate Tools: Do you have your own products? If so then use PLR content to create brandable reports that advertise your products. You then allow your affiliates to brand them with their own affiliate links.

 Tactic #8 is to Go High Ticket: Here you want to bundle several PLR products in the same niche and then turn them into a physical product. This way you are able to charge a lot more for this type of product and therefore make more money.

 Tactic #9 is a Free Offer: Take a PLR product and turn it into a free offer that you would use to give away from a squeeze page. Doing this allows you to have something to entice people to give up their email address in order to build your email list.

Tacktic #10 is a Back End Product: It’s unfortunate but your never going to get rich by selling just one product. What you need to do is to take PLR products and turn them into Back End Products that you can sell to your existing customers.

Ok! Now that’s the 10 Tactics, and all you need to do is take this information and go start making money!

Remember that the key in using the above is to take ACTION.

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